Seattle minimalist rock duo Dead Ship Sailing, Zera Marvel and Graig Markel, set out to make simple rock & roll music. Armed with guitars, vintage drum machines, hand-wired effects pedals, and a first-thought-best-thought approach, all of their songs are written and recorded in one evening.

Their debut, self-titled, full-length record was released in March of 2013 on white vinyl. The track "Burn To Dust" was featured as Song Of The Day on KEXP. Dave Segal of The Stranger described Dead Ship Sailing's recordings as, “Kills/Raveonettes–like songs with rough pop immediacy, concision, and instantaneous catchiness.”

The duo's second record entitled, "All Night In" was released on October 1st, 2013. This four song EP is available on a limited-edition, hand-lathe-cut, clear vinyl record, as well as digital download form.


Dead Ship Sailing Within a One-Night Window

by Trent Moorman

Dead Ship Sailing are a hazy rock two-piece that make highly mobile sounds. Their scaled-down, guitar-based drone 'n' drive pulls you in on a line. For the recording of their debut, self-titled album, the Seattle-based husband and wife duo of Graig Markel and Zera Marvel gave themselves a set of parameters to work within. Each song was written, recorded, and mixed in a single evening in their own Recovery Room Studio. With guitars, vintage drum machines, and effects pedals (that Markel hand-wires himself), they made one song per week for 10 weeks. This "first-thought, best-thought" methodology generated rough-hewn, Warhol Factory pop motifs. Think the Kills/Raveonettes with streaks of the Soft Moon/Moon Duo—the songs are bleak and seducing with big rhythmic fuzz. Markel's distorted and taut opioid riffs travel well with Marvel's ghost-shrouded vocals. By minimizing within a one-night window, they swell and expand. We spoke.

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